Many people get blurry vision, eyestrain and headaches from using their eyes. At Moody Eyes we help them get the glasses and contact lenses they need to see clearly and comfortably all day long.

How we can help you care for your vision:

  • Provide professional eye care by doctors and staff who love helping you see and look your best.

  • Help you select frames you will love to wear and care for them afterwards.

  • Keep your glasses and contact lens purchases within your budget.

Interesting Articles about Your Eyes

Our patients love us…you will, too.

I had a wonderful experience at Moody Eyes.                                              Sarah M.
I honestly have not loved an optical place the way I love Moody’s eyes, and the customer service is always friendly and helpful.                                           Damie A.
I was able to get the contacts I needed, as well as lenses put into a pair of glasses all at an affordable price.                             Amy S.
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