7 Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses

A Contact on an Eye

Wearing contact lenses can be a great experience.  But it’s important to care for both your eyes and your contacts. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when you wear contacts.

Inserting a Contact Lens

Change your contacts according to your doctor’s recommendation

Contact lenses are medical devices regulated by the FDA. Because you wear them on your eyes, they can cause permanent vision damage, even blindness. Each brand is tested and approved for wearing time.

Clean your contacts according to your doctor’s recommendation

Just like with changing your contacts, cleaning them appropriately is necessary for the health of your eyes.  Keep in mind, your friend’s cleaning regimen may not be the best option for you.

Wear your glasses 2-hours / day

Your cornea gets oxygen from and gives waste products back into your tears. When you sleep or wear contact lenses, your corneas are covered. Wearing glasses 2-hours daily helps your cornea “breathe” and stay healthy.

Consider 1-Day Contacts

1-Day contacts are healthier and safer than lenses you clean and wear again. They are not as expensive as many people think, especially when you don’t have to buy solution.

Schedule yearly eye exams

Contact lenses are worn on your eyes. This can lead to a whole list of complications, many of which can only be diagnosed by your eye doctor. Don’t skip your annual eye exam.

Don’t sleep in your contacts

Research shows a 14-15 times complication rate with people who sleep in their contacts. You are risking permanent damage to your vision when sleeping in contacts.
Contacts are Mostly Moisture

See your doctor if your contacts bother your eyes

It is best to see your doctor when your contacts bother you, not go to the ER or the nurse at work. We use specialized equipment, specific medications, and treatment plans designed just for your eyes.
Inserting a Contact Lens