Important Information about Your Vision Benefits

When you stop and think about it, using vision benefits is a lot like buying a car. In each instance there are many variables that determine the final price. It’s nearly impossible to answer every possible question about your coverage until you come in. We use a “Deli Method” for glasses – Choose a Frame, Choose a Lens, Choose Lens Options – which makes buying new glasses simple and straightforward. Our staff will help you get the vision care you want using your vision benefits. Please read through the following for more detailed information.

We are providers for the most common vision plans:  VSP  Eyemed  Versant  Medicaid  Medicare

Most medical insurance plans – Aetna, Anthem, United Health – will subcontract with one of these for the vision part of your coverage. For example, you may have Aetna medical coverage and VSP vision benefits. We can look this up for you.

Your vision benefits are a contract between your employer and a vision benefits carrier. This agreement determines the following:

  • How often you are eligible to use your benefits
  • Your required deductibles and co-payments
  • Which professional services and vision care products are covered
  • And any other aspects of your coverage

Moody Eyes is a “Provider”.  We access the Vision Plan website to get a list of your available benefits. We then apply those benefits to your eye exam, glasses, or contact lenses. Most vision plans will cover either glasses or contacts; a few cover both. Please contact your HR department if you think your co-pays or deductibles are too much.

Vision plans will often state a service or product is “Covered”.  This does not mean it will be “Paid For”.

  • For example, the contact evaluation fee is not reimbursed 98% of the time.
  • For example, retina photos are “covered” but the fee is paid for by the patient.

We collect these fees at the time of your exam and will reimburse you if you are one of the lucky few.