We love eye care. We know how clear comfortable affects your lifestyle and your work productivity.

Dr. Moody: I got my first pair of glasses in 6th grade.. I can clearly remember walking out onto the street and for the first time since I could remember I could read the clock on the building 2 blocks away. That was when I decided to spend my career taking care of people’s eyes. I have followed that path for over 45 years.
Dr. Lambert: I started with a desire to learn more about health and science. When I was in college and deciding exactly which science/healthcare field to go into, I had family members that had various visual issues…my grandma with macular degeneration, my aunt had diabetic retinopathy, and my mom had corneal issues.  When I started needing glasses myself I thought I would like to learn more and help people with their visual issues. I learned to appreciate how important vision is when your family members are affected.
Dr. Swift:  I became interested in eye care after college and went back to optometry school. I enjoy the details and analytical part of caring for your eyes and I enjoy explaining your individual situation and discussing your options.
We look forward to you joining our wonderful patients who trust us to care for their precious gift of sight. See you soon…
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