Our Goal is to Provide You with Great Value

“You use your eyes every single day to earn your living and enjoy your life, yet many people only consider price when purchasing glasses. Does this make sense when you consider how valuable your vision is? We have worked hard to bring you great glasses and contact lenses at very competitive and affordable prices. I believe you will be pleased when you buy from Moody Eyes.”   Dr. Moody

How much is an eye exam without vision insurance ?

We have designed Vision Club for you – to bring you great pricing 0hn vision care. Eye exams are just $99. Contact lens exam, evaluation, and fitting are just $129, with a $40 discount if you buy glasses the same day.

How much is an eye exam if I have vision insurance ?

Co-pays are typically between $0 – $25. We will check your benefits for you. Many vision plans state they “cover” contact lens fitting. This is usually subtracted from the contact lens benefit. We collect $62 for the evaluation and fitting of contacts. We will reimburse you is we are paid by your vision insurance.

Do you take my vision insurance?

We accept most vision insurance plans, including VSP, Eyemed, Davis, Versant, Envolve, and others. There are many different Medicaid benefit programs; we are providers for most of them, but not all. We are providers for Medicare eye care, but not for glasses. We can check for your benefits. We need your name, phone number, email address, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number. We will get back to you with your specific benefits.

What does my vision insurance cover?

That depends on your vision plan. For example, VSP has over 150 different plans. Each one has could have a different list of coverage, co-pays, deductibles, etc. You and a friend could both have VSP benefits, but substantially different coverage. In fact, we’ve seen different plans for employees of the same company. Once we pull your individual benefits, we will be able to share your benefits and co-pays. Don’t worry. We will help you maximize your benefits to get glasses / contacts you will love to wear.

How much do lenses cost?

All of our Vision Club lenses come with the following: Thinner – Lighter Lenses; Scratch Guard and AR Non-Glare Coating. These are often add-on options. Single Vision: $70  Progressives: $240  Bifocals: $118  If you have vision insurance, then we are required to follow the terms of your contract.

How much are frames?

Vision Club patients receive $100 off on frames, so they start at $55 and range to $245. As with eye exams and lenses, vision insurance is based on your contracted benefits.

What frame brands do you carry?

We specialize in independent frame lines that give you great styles, quality and pricing. We believe this gives you the greatest value for your new glasses. If you are looking for a particular brand, like RayBan or Oakley, we are not going to be your best choice.

What about contact lenses?

We will maximize your savings by using manufacturer’s rebates and your vision benefits. When you total all of this up, our “per box” price is often lower than online sellers. Plus, FREE shipping with any order of 4-boxes or more.

Can I get a copy of my prescription?

We will provide you with a copy of your unexpired glasses or contact lens prescription. According to federal and state law, your prescription can expire after one year.  There is a button on our website to request an email copy of your RX. We do not release prescriptions to other optical companies. We are often asked to provide professional measurements, like your PD and bifocal height. Since these are dependent on how your frames fit your face, we only measure these when you buy glasses from us. In Indiana, these are not a part of your prescription and do not need to be released.

Can I bring my doctor’s prescription to you? 

Get examined by your doctor, then stop by toget a great pair of glasses and save money.

Where will my glasses be made?

We make your glasses in our onsite optical lab, unless your vision plan requires us to use their lab.

When will my glasses be ready?

Most single vision glasses made in our lab are ready within a few days. Bifocals can take up 7-10 days.