Indianapolis’ Best Professional Eye Care Team

Dr. Penn Moody photo

Dr. Penn Moody, Founder / CEO

Raised in South Charleston, WV, after graduation he attended Indiana University in Bloomington where he graduated from the School of Optometry in 1975. He has had a widely varied career path, practicing in independent offices, national chains He founded Moody Eyes in 2005 with the goal of providing excellent eye care and affordable, quality eyeglasses and contact lenses. He has focused on this “best of both worlds” model ever since.

Connie Moody, CPA, President

Born in Columbus, Ohio where she earned a CPA and worked for JC Penney and the Ohio Department of Insurance. She has been the Chief Examiner for both Nevada and Indiana. In addition she has been an auditor, examining the books of insurance companies around the country. In 2016 Connie joined Moody Eyes as President, in charge of our finances and back-end office operations.