As you walk into Moody Eyes you realize this is not your typical eye care practice.

A pleasant aroma and jazz music fill the air.
A staff member greets you warmly, asking, “Welcome to Moody Eyes. How can I help you?”
Since you scheduled your eye exam online from our website and filled out the necessary forms online, the check-in is easy. As a result, your vision plan authorization has already been pulled, and there is only one page to fill out.

Your Eye Exam

Your wait time is brief…a technician gets your exam started soon after you arrive. You are seated in an exam room after some additional information is gathered and a few tests are run.
Your doctor takes time to go over your exam results and make recommendations. Then, you are given the opportunity to ask questions before leaving the exam room to the optical area. A staff member is waiting to help you.

Choosing Frames You Will Love to Wear

Hundreds of frame styles are arranged on tables, making it easy to try them on. Your optician has selected 5 frames to help you get started, making it easy to discover the perfect fit and style. You learn that Moody Eyes specializes in independent brands that offer great design and quality at an amazing price.
Your fees are explained clearly and concisely with no tricks or gimmicks. You realize you can afford to purchase the polarized sunglasses you have been wanting to use when you drive and on the vacation you’re planning.
This all takes less than an hour…the Moody Eyes 50-Minute Experience.

Picking Up Your New Glasses

A few days later you receive a call that your glasses are ready, so you schedule a dispensing reservation. It only takes a few minutes to have them professionally adjusted because they were ready when you arr You are excited about your new style and clear vision.
You realize now why Moody Eyes is not your typical eye care practice:
  • The whole experience was easy and comfortable.
  • You feel well cared for and your questions were answered.
  • The fees were surprisingly affordable.
  • This all took less than an hour.

You decide Moody Eyes is the right place for you…you tell your friends…