Consider Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are one of the best investments you can make for your eyes…both for comfortable vision and to protect your eyes. Polarized lenses actually filter the sun’s rays. This reduces glare and gives you clear vision even in bright sunlight. Squinting to see through glare cannot only be dangerous it can also lead to wrinkles around your eyes.

Many people think sunglasses are only for summer outdoor activities. But consider the sun is actually lower in the horizon in the winter months. This often causes it to shine into your car when your driving, especially to and from work. When there is snow on the ground it can reflect into your eyes, causing a double whammy.

Although some people like Transition® lenses, they are not the same as polarized prescription lenses. Since Ultraviolet (UV) light activates the change in tinting and most UV light is blocked by your car’s windshield, Transition® lenses typically do not provide the same amount of glare reduction.

At Moody Eyes we have a large selection of independent frame styles that can be made into prescription sunglasses. Stop by or, if you need an eye exam, schedule your appointment online by clicking the above button.