Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses Safely

Wearing contact lenses can be a life-changing experience. You can have clear vision without the inconvenience of glasses, especially when attending social events or participating in sports. We now have contacts for astigmatism and even for those patients who wear bifocals.

Wearing contact lenses can also cause permanent damage and even vision loss. Here are a few tips to follow to wear contacts safely:

  • Wear glasses 2 hours per day – I call this “peace and love for your eyes”.

    • The cornea breathes from oxygen it gets out of your tear film and gives metabolic waste products back into the tears.

    • Covering the cornea with either your lids when you’re sleeping or with a contact lenses constantly can be detrimental to your corneal health.

  • Change your contact lenses as recommended by the manufacturer and your eye doctor.

    • Contacts are tested by the FDA for an approved wearing schedule.

    • Your optometrist will recommend the right schedule for you.

  • Do not sleep in your contact lenses on a regular basis.

    • Yes, there are lenses approved for overnight wear, but you create ~15 times more risk of complications.

  • Consider 1-Day contact lenses

    • These are the safest and healthiest contact lenses.

    • They are not as expensive as most people believe because you’re not buying solutions.

    • These are especially good for kids and those patients who wear contacts part-time.


You can wear contact lenses safely when you take a few precautions.