Your Vision and Digital Devices

Hours of Screen Time Can Cause Eyestrain & Headaches

Woman with Eyestrain at a Computer
Eyestrain with Computer Use

Even a Small Lens Prescription Can Make a BIG Difference

Many patients say, “I see fine without glasses”. What they don’t realize is a small prescription can relieve eyestrain over the hours they spend staring at a screen. If you spend over 4-hours on a screen per day, you should schedule an eye exam.

Exposure to Blue Light can Effect Your Eyes

Computer and touchscreens emit more blue light wavelengths than normal light. This can cause eyestrain and affect your sleep cycles (circadian rhythms). Our “Retina Shield” protects your eyes and increases your visual comfort when staring at a screen.

Some Signs and Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

Headaches behind your eyes, in your forehead, or at the base of your neck are common signs of digital eye strain. Another common sign is creasing your forehead while reading or looking at a screen. Schedule an eye exam if you are getting any of these symptoms.
Woman wearing glasses using a computer
Glasses Often Relieves Computer Eyestrain

The 20-20-20 Rule Can Help Relieve These Symptoms

Every 20 minutes look at an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This allows your eyes to relax from focusing at a close object, which can help relieve the stress on your eyes. You should schedule an eye exam to determine if vision correction will help.