At Moody Eyes, we make getting new glasses and contact lenses easy and affordable. You will enjoy life more and be more productive when you look and see your best.

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There are two ways to get a copy of your current eyeglass or contact lens prescription:

In-Person: Stop by our office during open hours – we will print you a copy.
Via Email: Fill out the below form – we will send you a copy within 2 business days.


By filling out the information below you agree to the following:

  • Your prescription is less than one-year old – per Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules and Indiana Law, we do not release prescriptions over one-year old.
  • According to FTC and Indiana Law, your PD and frame measurements are not a required part of your glasses prescription – these measurements are to be taken by whoever is filling your prescription.
  • You have provided us with up-to-date information on the form below – we will use this to respond to your request.
  • We will email your prescription to you within two business days (48-hours) – remember weekends and holidays are not “business days”.