Comparing Polarized Sunglasses and Transition (Light Changing) Lenses

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses filter the light, which reduces glare and increases your ability to see comfortably in bright light conditions. Just like the photo, these lenses can even enable you to see into bodies of water. Although this requires a separate pair of glasses, many of our patients tell us they wear them more than they imagined.
Dr Moody asks, “Do you know of any tool or kitchen utensil that does everything? It’s the same with one pair of glasses.”

Transitions / SunSync Lenses

There is a molecule inside the lens that changes shape when exposed to UV (Ultra-Violet) light. These lenses do not filter light as well as the polarized lenses and they do not get totally clear inside. Since your windshield blocks the UV rays, they typically do not get very dark when driving.