An Explanation of Our Policies          

Progressives:  No-line progressive lenses require some adaptation. You should wear your new progressives at least 7-days prior to returning for a checkup. If you are still having difficulties after that adjustment period, then you should schedule a follow-up appointment with one of our doctors. If you cannot adapt to your progressives your lenses can be remade into a lined bifocal or single vision with no additional charge. No refunds of the difference. No changes after 30-days.

Special Orders:  We require a 50% non-refundable deposit on any special frame order. If you decide not to purchase the specially ordered frame, then your deposit can be applied to any other purchase at Moody Eyes within 30-days. Your deposit will be forfeited after 30-days.

Warranties:  Your new frames and lenses are warrantied for 30-days from date of purchase. If you purchase Non-Glare AR-Coating, Polarized or Transitions lenses the warranty for the lenses is extended to one-year from date of purchase. This warranty allows you to replace damaged frames and/or lenses one time during the year using the original prescription. The frames and/or lenses must be returned to Moody Eyes for all warranty claims. Any additional replacements will be 30% off retail

Your Vision Benefits:  Once you have used your benefits on glasses or contact lenses we cannot reverse or change that decision. We expect you to give us any benefits you have at the time of your eye exam or purchase. We will not be able to change your claim, pricing, or billing after your visit.

Patient Own Frames (POF):  Frames become brittle and can easily break over time. We will only put lenses into frames approved by our lab staff. We will not be responsible for your frame if broken during lens processing. There is a $30 charge for processing POF frames.

Contact Lenses:  Unopened boxes of contact lenses can only be exchanged if the prescription needs to be changed. Opened boxes cannot be returned for credit.

Contact Lens Fees & Follow-ups: We charge a separate fee for your contact lens evaluation and fitting. This fee is collected at the time of your exam and includes 30 days of follow-ups. After the 30 days there will be a fee for each additional follow-up. If your vision plan reimburses us for all or part of this fee, we will refund you that amount.

Refunds:  Eyeglasses and contact lenses are individualized for your prescription. Once an order has been placed there are no refunds, including vision plan co-payments.

Remakes:  Your glasses prescription is partly determined by the responses you give during your eye exam. For a period of 30-days from the date of purchase we will recheck your prescription and remake your glasses one time. Any subsequent remakes will be at 50% of normal retail.

Adjusting Glasses Purchased Online or Other Optical:  Adjustments and minor repairs are part of our service when you buy glasses here. If you purchase glasses elsewhere, we will adjust your glasses one-time at no charge. There will be a fee for additional services.

Non-Prescription Sunglasses:  All purchases of Non-RX sunglasses are final.

Price Matching:  Our fees and prices are based on many factors, including time, experience, skill, and quality of materials. When you compare the complete order, our prices are typically less than what you pay online or at stores such as Costco, Lenscrafters, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and others. Therefore, we do not price match.