9-Questions to Ask before You Buy Glasses Online

Man Shopping for Eyeglasses
Professional Adjusting Glasses

Will My Glasses Fit My Face & Head

I can walk through a restaurant and tell who purchased their glasses online. Why? Because the fit just isn’t quite right. It’s usually the nose, but the width, the size, and the temple length will give it away almost every time.

Accurate Measurements are Critical

Your Lenses Must be Put Accurately into Your Frame

Measurements are more than just the PD. To fit a lens properly you need the optical center, seg height, type of lens, and more. Plus, each frame must be individually measured. Part of our professional service is to take these measurements when people buy glasses from us.

Girl Choosing New Glasses
Build Your Collection with Us

Do Your Glasses Fit Your Personal Style?

We carry only Independent Brands that provide all the latest styles and top quality at an affordable price. Frankly, there are only so many ways to design frames. I believe you will find that great style in our optical.

Are You Really Saving?

Am I Saving as Much Money as I Think?

Sure, you can buy glasses cheaper, but we know you can’t find equivalent quality either on a website or a big box store for less. Costco, Walmart, Warby Parker, etc. have huge marketing budgets and know how to sell you. At Moody Eyes we just want to serve you and charge a fair price.

Female Technician Making Eyeglasses
Precision Glasses Processing

Are My Glasses Being Made Accurately?

Independent research has found that a significant percentage of online glasses are not accurately made. We check to make sure every pair of glasses is made correctly before we give them to you.

Making Sure They Fit

How Do I Get My Glasses Adjusted When I Get Them?

It’s not unusual to make some minor adjustments to your glasses. when we dispense them. Getting the fit “just right” and comfortable is key to fully enjoying wearing your new glasses.

Repairing Broken Glasses
Minor Glasses Repairs

What Happens When My Glasses Need Adjusted or Repaired?

As you wear your glasses they will occasionally need adjustments or minor repairs. We are here to do take care of your needs, most of which are free.

A Warranty When You Need It

What Kind of Warranty Do I Have?

Life happens…when it does your glasses are backed by a 1-year no-charge replacement warranty. Many online opticals have fees for replacements or warranty claims.

Your Local Community is Important

How Can I Shop Local?

Our service, selection, and pricing is comparable to the big national and online optical stores. Plus, our staff and owners live, work, and pay taxes in Central Indiana. Supporting Moody Eyes is “Shopping Local”.

Is it really worth saving a few dollars to not get the service I get from my optometrist?