5-Things to Know About Vision Insurance

Save $ with Vision Benefits

Vision insurance can seem very confusing. Coverage varies by specific policy, co-payments can vary, and eligibility can be different. Here are 5 things we have learned that can help you when you’re looking to use your vision benefits. We have helped thousands of patients navigate their vision plan, we look forward to helping you maximize your plan, too.

Glasses for Every Occasion

“Covered” does not mean “Paid For”

All insurance plans will provide a list of “covered” benefits. This could include your eye exam, contact lens evaluation and fitting, frames, lenses, and lens options. This means there may be co-pays that you will have to pay.

Your Vision Plan may differ from your friend’s

Vision plan companies like VSP, EyeMed, and Superior, have many policies they sell. Within your company there may be different plans for various employee categories. We will pull your benefits so we both know exactly what is covered.

Moody Eyes did not negotiate your benefits

Your vision benefits were negotiated between your HR department and the insurance company. We provide you with vision care under your policy. We will be happy to share your negotiated policy benefits with you and help you maximize them.

Your Vision Plan may not be your best value

Some vision policies have great benefits…some do not. We will help you compare our Vision Club pricing to help you get your best value.

Online Stores may NOT be “Participating Providers”

Most vision plans are designed to be used in person. This means you will probably have to pay and then file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement. This may be at a lower rate than if you use your vision benefits with us.
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Start with Getting Your Eyes Examined

We are In-Network Providers for most vision plans. These including VSP, EyeMed, Spectera, Medicaid, Medicare, Envolve. If you have Anthem, United, BCBS, or other medical coverage, these companies will typically subcontract with VSP or EyeMed to provide the vision coverage.

If you don’t see your plan, email us using the button. We will pull a Prior Authorization to get your benefits.