5-Things About Contact Lenses

5-Things You Should Know About Wearing Contact Lenses

With so much information flying around I thought you would like to know some basics about contact lens wear:

    1 – Wear glasses 2-hours per day:  it is important to give your eyes some time to breathe;

    2 – Change your lenses on schedule:  one of the most common causes of eye complications is wearing a lens longer than approved;

    3 – Consider 1-Days:  these are the healthiest, most convenient lenses and are not as expensive as many people think;

    4 – Get annual eye exams:  there are early signs of eye problems only your doctor can pick-up;

    5 – Buying contacts online is not your best deal:  when you combine rebates, vision benefits, and pricing getting your contacts from Moody Eyes is usually the best net cost.

Is it time for your eye exam?