Your Eyes Will Love Prescription Sunglasses

National Sunglasses Day - June 27th

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses Only $25*

*Save $30 - Normally $55

Driving into the sun?  Squinting to see your kid’s game? Trouble seeing your phone in the sunlight? These are just a few of the reasons your eyes will love prescription sunglasses.

Most patients I talk with want prescription sunglasses but don’t have a pair. Why? Because they believe they cost too much.
I believe everyone would benefit from wearing polarized prescription sunglasses:
  • To protect your eyes from the sun rays
  • To keep from developing squint lines around your eyes
  • To increase your visual comfort when outside
  • To add a cool look to your eyewear collection
  • Buy any prescription glasses…polarized sunglasses are only $25 more.
  • Ask us for details about your vision plan benefits, which may be different.
  • Sale good through July 3, 2019

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