Dr. Moody & Dr. Lambert

Here are some simple tips to help you take care of your eyes and vision. We hope they are helpful. Please click the button to email us with any questions:

Is Your Vision Blurry?

Do You Over-Wear Your Contacts?

Difference in Your Eyes?

Thinking of Buying Glasses Online?

Blurred vision, eyestrain, or headachs can be an indication you just need an updated prescription…or, something much more serious. A professional eye exam will determine which applies to you.

Your cornea does not have a blood supply, it gets oxygen out of your tears. When you close your lids to sleep or wear contacts your cornea is covered. Wearing glasses 2-hours per day will allow the eye to breathe. I call this “Peace and Love for Your Eyes”.

Cover one eye at a time while wearing your glasses or contact lenses. Compare your vision in each eye. A significant unexplained difference should be checked out.

“Virtual Try-On” does not let you feel the quality and judge the fit of the frames. There’s no charge to try-on frames at our office. One of our trained staff will help you select the right frame for you.