State Optical Frames – American Made Luxury You Will Love

Don’t you think it’s about time we had a true luxury brand made right here in America? Now we do. State Optical frames are American made luxury you will love to wear.  With unparalleled attention to detail, they are designed and made in Chicago.

What makes these frames so amazing? Don’t take my word for it…come in and try them on:

The Hinges Are Designed Solely for State Optical

Not just any hinge…even a quality hinge. Scott Shapiro, the CEO of State Optical, wanted a hinge that was designed and manufactured specifically for his luxury frames. When you flex the temples on these frames you will see why. Compare them to any of our other frames and you will find there is little give or play in them.

The Temples are Shaped to the Contour of Your Head

Our heads are not square because they are typically a bit wider around the temples then they are by the ears. Most frame manufacturers make temples the same thickness for their whole length, but not State Optical. These temples are thicker at the hinge for stability, thinner through the middle, and then thicker again at the ears. This gives the frame strength and stability at the hinge but makes it much more comfortable to wear because of how it fits around your head. This might cause them to fit a little snugly when you try them on but, once they are adjusted, you will notice the improved comfort.

Each Frame is Hand Polished to Bring Out the Colors

Each frame is hand polished and buffed to bring out the colors and give it an extremely smooth surface. Most frames are buffed in rotating polished drums. While this saves time and costs, hand buffing allows each frame to be individually finished.

Each Frame Comes with a 2-Year Warranty

While our frames routinely come with a 1-year warranty, the quality of these frames is supported by a 2-Year warranty. You can purchase one of these frames with confidence that you will be able to enjoy wearing it without worry.

These Are the Best Made Frames Dr. Moody has Ever Seen

During over 40 years of practice Dr. Moody has seen, tried, and worn frames from all types of manufacturers. This includes such well known brands as Ray Ban and Gucci to private brands and even to budget frames. This experience has convinced him to focus on independent frame lines that offer great design and quality at an amazing price. State Optical Frames – American made luxury you will love is a collection that raises the bar. Stop in and try them on…you will see the difference.

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