Buy Your Contact Lens at Moody Eyes

Patients regularly ask us for their contact lens prescription so they can order online and “save money”. They assume online is cheaper.
How do know you are paying the lowest price per box? We save you money in the following ways:
  • By maximizing your vision benefits…we file this for you
  • By buying an annual supply to take advantage of manufacturer’s rebates
  • By gettting FREE shipping to your home, office…or your mom

Here are two examples...let us calculate yours...

Daily Lens Example

$552 – for an annual supply (8 boxes) of Clariti 1-Days
  • -$150 – your vision benefits
  • $402 – your out-of-pocket expense
  • -$200 – manufacturer’s rebate only available at doctor offices

Your Net Cost: $202 = $25.25 per box

Monthly Lens Example

  • $208 – for annual supply (4 boxes) of Biofinity monthly lenses
  • -$150 – your vision benefits
  • $58 – out-of-pocket
  • -$30 – manufacturer’s rebate

Your Net Cost: $28 = $7.00 per box

If you will take the time to compare you will find Moody Eyes is usually your best deal on contact lenses.