Blue Light, Monitors, and Your Eyes

Lens with no blue light protection
Lens with No Blue Light Protection
Retina Shield Blue Light Protection

    If you have more than 4 hours of screen time per day, you need to be aware of how blue light can affect your eyes. Blue light has the shortest wavelengths and highest energy of all visible light. Monitors and touch screens emit additional blue wavelengths.

    There is mounting evidence that over-exposure to these wavelengths can lead to retina issues and interruption of sleep patterns. Even if this proves not to be true, the additional comfort and reduction in eye strain is worth considering your options:

          * Screen blockers, especially on your mobile phone

          * Protection in your lenses – even if you don’t wear prescription glasses

          * Reducing your digital device use

    You may have seen people wearing glasses with a yellow or purple tint. While these are marketed as protecting your eyes from blue light, they are only partially effective. Our Digital Eye Protection blocks virtually all blue light.

        Bring your glasses in…we will test your lenses for blue light protection at no charge.