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Why Buy Your Glasses from Us

In this article we discuss 7 reasons Moody Eyes is your best option for buying your new glasses.

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Why Order Contact from Us

You might not be saving money when you order your contact lenses online.

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About Vision Insurance

Vision benefits plans can be complicated. We can help you maximize your benefits.

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What our patients are saying about us…

I had a wonderful experience at Moody Eyes. I used to go to another well-known downtown eye care provider but after repeated visits where I would have long waits and a higher bill than I was expected, I decided to try Moody Eyes. I’m so glad that I did and it’s even right around the corner from my office.  Sarah M.
Dr. Moody is super caring, nice, genuinely attentive and down to Earth. This place is also NOT horridly expensive. I honestly have not loved an optical place the way I love Moody’s eyes, and the customer service is always friendly and helpful. Damie A.
I recently moved to Indianapolis and needed to get some new glasses/ try contacts for the first time. The office was easy to make appointments with, and the doctor was EXTREMELY friendly and knowledgeable. I was able to get the contacts I needed, as well as lenses put into a pair of glasses all at an affordable price.    Amy S.

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