4 Things to Know about Buying Glasses

#1 – Buy One – Get One Free is Not Always the Best Deal

The cost of the 2nd pair is built into the price of the first pair.
“Free” exams are also built into the cost of the glasses, because the doctor is paid.

#2 – 50% OFF May Not Be 50% OFF

When eyeglass stores or online retailers promote big discounts, their initial “list” price is typically inflated. You could pay more than you should at one of these “Sales”.

#3 – Costco and Sam’s Club are Not Always Your Best Value

Even though warehouse stores might appear to be cheaper because they have lower priced frames, you will often pay more for lenses and lens options. Your final price may be more than you imagined.

#4 – Buying Glasses should be as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Choose a frame
  2. Select a lens
  3. Choose your lens options

Included at No-Additional Charge

  • Lighter, thinner lenses with scratchguard and AR Non-Glare coating
  • The latest styles at a great price with our independent brands
  • One-year warranty