Indianapolis, Indiana (July 29, 2014) – Moody Eyes, a respected Indianapolis eye care clinic, will join the nationwide celebration and observance of Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month in August. This significant health event was put on the national calendar by Prevent Blindness America, the country’s oldest volunteer eye health and safety organization, in time for the opening of classes in September.

Moody Eyes and other medical facilities that offer eye exam in Indianapolis and in other parts of the country recognize the important role a good eyesight plays in becoming literate and getting complete education. This is why the clinic’s leader, Dr. Penn Moody, always reminds his young patients to always take care of their vision and to not hesitate to seek medical assistance when they notice sudden changes in how their eyes function. With a modern lifestyle heavily influenced by the use of technology, kids today are more prone to eye problems that could hinder their studies.

In cases when eye problems cannot be avoided, Moody Eyes offer comprehensive eye exams and eye care services that are personally conducted by a qualified optometrist. The eye examination will be the basis for the eye doctor to come up with the correct diagnosis, which will lead to the recommendation of appropriate treatment plans. Such plans may involve the prescription of eyeglasses, contact lenses or even the referral to an ophthalmologist better suited to deal with the patient’s condition.

Moody Eyes currently operates in two location in Indianapolis: Greenwood and Downtown. Both clinics carry the latest and complete eye exam equipment and an inventory of choices for eyewear. Those concerned with their children’s eye health and safety would benefit from visiting to learn more about how the facility has been caring for kids’ vision.

About Moody Eyes

Moody Eyes was founded by Dr. Penn Moody as his independent optometry practice, combining years of professional experience in the relevant medical field with an enjoyable eyeglass shopping experience. The practice’s focus is to provide affordable quality eye care, glasses and contact lenses.