Poor vision is a problem that many people will naturally have to deal with as they age. However, by determining the early signs of vision problems, it can be possible to quickly implement a solution, thus delaying, if not totally avoiding, the deterioration of the eyesight. What most people can’t tell, though, is when exactly they need to start wearing glasses.

Poor Vision

Even before your vision actually goes hazy, you may already have been experiencing some of the early signs of eyesight deterioration, but just did not think too much about it. Here are some telltale signs that you might need to consult with the local eye doctors:

  • Headache – If you start to experience headaches after reading or looking at something for too long, then it might be a sign that your eyesight is getting weaker. It is important to remember that they eyes need to take a break as well—if you have been reading for a while now, pause for a few minutes and allow your eyes to rest first before resuming. If the lighting is bad, transfer to a better lit area because poor lighting strains the eye.
  • Heaviness in head – while heaviness in head is normal for people who lack sleep, it is also a sign of weakening eyesight. Take a break for a while and take a nap if possible; if the heaviness in your head persists for days and your feel a burning sensation in your eyes immediately approach the local eye doctors and ask for a check-up.
  • Slight haziness – If things start to blur from your peripheral vision or if they would seem blurry for a few seconds, then your eyes are probably telling you that it has a problem. Disregarding these simple signs will eventually cause you permanent vision haziness.
  • Night Vision – Have you been having a harder time navigating yourself through your room at night recently? This is an early sign of an eye problem, so be sure to have it tested immediately while it’s still early. Even with the lights off you should at least be able to discern shapes especially after some time of adjustment. If your eyes fails to do, this tell your doctor immediately.

A great way to make sure that your eyesight is in top condition is by regularly setting up an appointment with a local optometrist like Penn Moody from Moody eyes Downtown in Indianapolis. This will allow you to address the problem as soon as it’s observed and thus preserving your precious sight longer.


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