Special Pricing on Polarized Sunglasses for National Sunglasses Day

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Special Pricing on Polarized Prescription Sunglasses for National Sunglasses Day

Every year people damage their eyes by not wearing prescription sunglasses. In 2018 The The Vision Council celebrates National Sunglasses Day on June 27th. This annual event shares how important it is to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun. To help you protect your eyes we are offering special pricing on prescription sunglasses for the whole month of June.

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses Make a Difference

Normal sunglasses reduce the amount of light. For example, they might only allow 50% of the light rays through. But, polarized sunglasses are different. The lenses actually have filters in the lenses that only let certain rays through. This cuts down on glare. For example, when looking at the sun reflecting off of a car hood or when driving with snow on the ground. By reducing glare polarized prescription sunglasses relax your eyes for more comfortable vision.

Reflective UV rays can damage your eyes as much as direct light. Research shows water can reflect up to 100% of UV, while snow can reflect over 80%. Even grass can reflect up to 3 percent!

How Does UV Light Damage Your Eyes?

Exposure to UV light over time can lead to cataracts, corneal burns, macular degeneration, and other vision problems. Many of these conditions appear after years of UV exposure. This article from Prevent Blindness will help explain how this occurs.

Protect Your Children’s Eyes with Polarized Sunglasses

Kids are exposed to as much as 3 times the UV light as adults. Part of this is because of the time they spend outdoors playing or participating in sports. Yet only a small percentage of parents report their kids wear sunglasses regularly when outdoors. Exposure to UV rays when young can lead to increased eye problems as an adult. Read this article on protecting your child’s eyes for more information.

Special Pricing – Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

We want you to protect your eyes with prescription sunglasses. To celebrate National Sunglasses Day we are offering special pricing on prescription polarized sunglasses at all three of our Indianapolis eye doctor offices from June 25-29th. When you purchase a frame you will receive a discounted price for lenses. This includes not only single vision but no-line progressives and bifocals, too.