There is no doubt that a person’s eyesight has a large impact on the quality of his or her life. Vision problems, naturally, can hamper the way an individual lives, and they can be caused by a variety of different medical disorders. Sometimes, failing eyesight can be a symptom to a more dangerous condition or disease, which demands immediate medical attention before it develops further. If you are experiencing a dip in vision quality, consider visiting an optometrist before seeing an ophthalmologist in Indianapolis.

New treatment designed to save more eyes from cancer

An article on the Science Codex website dated October 14, 2014 discusses how a group of doctors managed to find an alternative treatment to the eye cancer, retinoblastoma. Typically found in children, the cancer stems from the immature cells of a retina, which then rapidly grow into a malignant tumor that can cause loss of vision, blindness, and even loss of life. While normally treated via chemotherapy, the catheters used for the operation can sometimes be too large for younger patients with smaller arteries. The doctors described in the article found a way around the problem by using a double-catheter setup that “. . . involves inflating a tiny balloon in the external carotid artery to prevent backpressure and ensure blood and chemotherapy flow to the eye and tumor.”

Retinoblastoma needs to be treated immediately and aggressively to avoid its risky advanced stages. If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from sudden and acute vision loss, you might want to get the opinion of an optometrist before heading for an ophthalmologist. An optometric center such as Moody Eyes may not have the equipment to treat such fatal conditions, but it has the diagnostic skills necessary to determine if you are suffering from an eye disease.

Optometrists do not just test for eyesight; they can also check for their clients’ neurological functions, eye pressure, eye-muscle coordination, and overall eye health. Annual exams may be scheduled with optometrists so that clients can keep on top of their eyes’ health. If your local optometrist finds something wrong with your eyes, he or she will quickly refer you to the most suitable Indianapolis eye doctor to treat you.

(Source: New treatment designed to save more eyes from cancer,, Oct. 14, 2014)