Software engineers and other IT professionals face tedious, yet rewarding, challenges almost every day. They are often tasked to write and test many lines of source code for new computer programs, maintain existing programs, or assist in developing system updates. Unfortunately, the long hours of working in front of the computer can bring a host of problems to their eyesight, thus warranting some eye care solutions, Martin Sussman wrote in his article for


The software and tech community in Indianapolis can have a good idea of what Sussman reported. A look around Routes 31 and 421, for example, show several companies that manufacture software for a variety of purposes, and a number of them are sure to eventually expand their operations. If you’re a professional in the software development or IT industry who has encountered vision problems for a while, address them with the help of eye care practitioners like Dr. Penn Moody of Moody Eyes.


Doing computer-based tasks carry their own set of problems, which are often bundled under the so-called Computer Vision Syndrome. Its symptoms include blurred vision, headaches, double vision, and dry eyes. An article in the Huffington Post adds that computers also generate blue light, which has the potential to penetrate deep into the eye.

Detection and Solution

An eye exam at your preferred Indianapolis eye care center can go a long way in assessing your vision problem(s) and check the overall condition of your eyes. The Huffington Post article warned that damage from blue light could be long-term and may result in an impaired retina. The data from the exam will help your doctor determine if you need to wear prescription eyewear or do corrective measures designed to reduce strain. Periodic breaks and refocusing away from the computer screen are examples of such. New lenses that block this harmful blue light from getting to your retinal are available at Moody Eyes.

While tasks like designing computer programs require long hours and sheer concentration to ensure that they run without bugs, your efforts would not be worth it if you sacrifice the health of your eyes and clarity of your vision. That’s why a visit to your nearest eye care professional will ensure that you will be able to see everything clearly and learn ways to protect your eyes as you work in front of a computer. Schedule an appointment today.


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