People still get confused with optometrists and ophthalmologists, as both professions involve eye care. Generally, the former deals more on the prescription of eyeglasses and refractors, while the latter are medical doctors who conduct medical and surgical procedures. Today, there is what the ophthalmic industry calls integrated ophthalmology where both ophthalmologists and optometrists work hand-in-hand.

Boost Practice

In an article by EyeNet Magazine, valuable points were raised when it comes to ophthalmologists’ need to hire an optometrist to join their practice.

Adding an optometrist to the team can give physicians more time to do what they enjoy doing the most—surgery.” Suppose, for example, a surgeon has been doing a lot of routine eye exams in order to build the practice’s patient base, said Mr. Preece. “And he or she is having a hard time fitting new patients into his or her schedule because of all the postoperative patient visits and all of the routine eye exams. Directing those kinds of exams to an optometrist will allow that surgeon to see more surgical patients.”

An opthamologist in Indiana, as well as in other parts of the country, who run their own practice will likely benefit from hiring the services of a trained optometrist. Apart from saving more time, they will have enough room to serve more patients, particularly those who do not need serious treatments like surgeries.

Consumers who simply need to replace their eyeglasses, on the other hand, can find trusted optometrists online who offer a wide range of eyeglasses built for all kinds of people with different requirements and specifications. Eye care centers like Moody Eyes have a qualified Indianapolis eye doctor who can conduct careful examinations and evaluations to determine the most suitable pair of eyeglasses for patients and provide the correct prescriptions.

With the ever-changing landscape of the medical industry, collaborations will prove to be essential as far as improving patient care and services are concerned. As for those who need simple and regular checkups for their eyes, having a dependable optometrist they can easily get in touch with via phone call or online will be a big help when it comes to enjoying safe, fast, and reliable eye care attention.

(Source: “Boost Practice Efficiency, Part Three – When to Hire an OD,” EyeNet Magazine)