Trucking is a serious business, whether you’re lugging long containers to the next city or across the country. Central to that will be maintaining your sight with help from your optometrist or ophthalmologist in Indianapolis. In the February 2009 issue of 10-4 Magazine, Dr. Norma Stephens Hannigan wrote:

As a trucker, you depend a lot on your sense of sight. After all, trucking is simply not a job you could do without good vision. As the New Year begins and we all seem to be focusing (pardon the pun) on our health, lets talk about how you can take care of one (or should I say two) of your most valuable assets – your eyes.

An Optometrist or Indianapolis Ophthalmologist for Trucker Sight Help

Any veteran trucker, especially in Indianapolis, IN, will recognize the importance of getting off the road at least once to rest after a long stretch of driving. Naptown is already the nerve center of a major road network in the northern Central region, and several trucking firms are nestled within the Indy ring bounded by I-465 and Routes 40 and 52. Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is allowing more partially-blind drivers to man the rigs, a veteran Indianapolis eye doctor like Moody Eyes’ Penn Moody, OD will help you cover all bases.

Vision problems like near- and far-sightedness do manifest at any time in your youth and can even be a hereditary issue. When accounted for in a profession like trucking, those two conditions will affect your performance and situational awareness on the road. Hannigan writes that presbyopia, or difficulty with near vision, will kick in when you hit 40.

Driving has a variety of factors that can aid or hamper you behind the wheel, and you must detail sight-related problems with your preferred eye doctor right away. For example, if certain assignments require some hard driving through the night, the glare of headlights on the opposite lane and the taillights of cars up ahead test your concentration. It’s even more dangerous when you’re riding in the direction of the sun as the UV rays can damage your eyes.

An eye care practice like Moody Eyes has the appropriate solutions. They can have you fitted for polarized prescription driving glasses, which help reduce eye strain during long hauls by improving depth perception. They will also underline the importance of eye exams every two years, especially for older drivers.

When a job like trucking keeps the economy going, it’s important for truck drivers to maintain excellent hand-eye coordination. Razor-sharp sight enables them to better react to situations on the road. Have your eyes checked now.

(Source: THE EYES HAVE IT, 10-4 Magazine)