Contrary to what other people might believe, wearing eyeglasses for the first time does not provide instantaneous solution to your eyesight problems. This is a problem faced not only by first-time wearers, but also by people who had been wearing eyeglasses for quite a while now and need replacement every now and then.

Though it’s a comfort to know that you’re not alone in your difficulty in wearing glasses for the first time, it’s an unpleasant sensation nonetheless. Often, people adjusting to their glasses feel dizzy and uncomfortable, but these sensations usually pass after a week or two. To give you an easier time in wearing your eyeglasses for the first time, follow these tips from an optometrist, and you can get used to them in no time.

Wear them Everyday

You might be skeptical in wearing your glasses every day because you feel uncomfortable with them, but it’s an absolute must if you want to get used to them. Wear them as prescribed by your doctor, taking them off only when you develop eye pain, headaches, or dizziness. Once the dizziness passes, put your glasses on again.

Move your Head, Not your Eyes

Some first-time wearers tend to develop dizziness and headaches because they move their eyes too much. Especially if you’re wearing graduated lenses like bi- or trifocals, try to move your head instead of your eyes when looking at things. Though this will definitely take some time and a little practice, you can learn to do this naturally in a few days.

Clean your Lenses Regularly

Dust and smudges on your eyeglasses will make it harder for you to adjust to your new glasses. To avoid this, regularly clean your new lenses, especially before you put them on for the first time during the day. Use clear water or a lens cleaner, along with a scratch-free cloth, to keep your lenses clean.

Safely Store your Eyeglasses

Once you’re done using your eyeglasses, don’t just put them anywhere. Instead, return them to their case before you go to sleep to avoid bending the frames and scratching the lenses. These kinds of damage not only make your pair unpleasant to look at, but can also make adjusting to them harder.

Finally, should you still experience some discomfort a week or two after wearing your glasses, seek help immediately from an optometrist like those from Moody Eyes in Indianapolis, who can determine the reason why your glasses might not be working for you. Also ensure that you have your glasses fitted professionally and properly by an optometrist, especially if it’s your first time having to wear one.


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