Why you should have more than one pair of glasses…

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People often ask me, “Why should I have more than one pair of glasses?” Most of us have had the experience of breaking or losing our glasses, squinting in bright sunlight, or feeling eye strain when using a computer. These may be signs that there is something wrong with our eyes. It also indicates there may be a need for more than one pair of glasses.

Clear Comfortable Vision is Important for Quality of Life

Clear, comfortable vision can have a significant effect on your quality of life. Most of us will be more productive at work, enjoy recreation more, and just generally have a more satisfying life when one can see things clearly. Features like polarized sunglasses, blue light protection, non-glare treatment, and thin lenses can help us perform at our best in all that we do.

More than One Pair of Glasses Help You Reflect Your Personal Style

A collection of eyeglasses also lets us reflect our personal style or mood at that moment. We all have different outfits for different activities. Women will also change their hair, makeup, shoes, and other accessories for different situations. After all, we dress up, dress casually, dress down, and put on our uniform. Shouldn’t you build your own collection?

Breaking Your Glasses is Never Planned

Breaking your glasses is never planned. It just happens. We recently received a text from our pastor. He had broken his glasses changing shirts after a baptism. Really? A baptism? Not exactly considered a high-risk environment for eyeglasses. On top of that, he had a vacation flight to catch a few hours later that Sunday afternoon. He is very nearsighted and cannot drive or function without his glasses. What was he going to do? Fortunately he has more than one pair, so he took one with him on his trip.

Ask Yourself¬† “Why should I have more than one pair of glasses?”

Is it the cost? Most of us will spend hundreds of dollars per year on other items we only use or wear occasionally.

Is it fashion? Most of us change clothes, shoes, hairstyles, and accessories for different activities, situations, and moods.

Is it lack of understanding? Since we have never broken our glasses at an inconvenient time we do not think it will happen to us.

When are you going to decide to view glasses this way and build a collection over time?