Summer has come and gone, and school is just around the corner. After you’re done preparing your kids’ things, child experts recommend a health check, which should include optical and dental exams. Eye exams are particularly critical, as the learning process is highly dependent on vision. In some states like Kentucky, for example, dental screening and eye exams are required by law for children entering kindergarten.

law requires eye exam for children going to public school

An article from the Kentucky Optometric Association emphasizes the need to have children undergo eye exams as early as possible, not only because of obvious symptoms, but also because some symptoms which they might find normal could be an indication of a more serious condition:

“Up to 13 percent of children age five and younger have some type of vision condition. After age five, that number increases to 25 percent.

Amblyopia is the leading cause of vision loss in people under age 40 – more than injuries or any other disease. However, it is almost 100 percent treatable if detected early.”

What is amblyopia?
Amblyopia, also referred to as lazy eye, is characterized by the reduced ability of an eye to see details in its vision. It is supposedly a common vision problem among children. The condition is better addressed if discovered before a child reaches age 5. However, school-age children are above five years old, and the occurrence of amblyopia in their age range may need some urgent treatments or prevention solutions from eye doctors in Indianapolis, Kentucky or any other state.

Signs of vision problems
The article further suggests that parents watch out for the following signs that may indicate their children are having vision problems:

  • • Loses his place while reading, holds the book closer than normal or uses his finger to maintain his place while reading.
  • • Avoids close work.
  • • Tends to rub her eyes.
  • • Complains of frequent headaches.
  • • Turns or tilts his head, or squints, to use only one eye.
  • • Omits or confuses small words when reading aloud.
  • • Consistently performs below academic potential.

Get professional help
Should you discover one or more symptoms, quickly schedule a visit to an experienced eye doctor. Many optical shops do offer eye exams and can conveniently fabricate eyeglasses if necessary. Qualified Indianapolis eye doctors, for instance, such as those at Moody Eyes in Greenwood and Downtown, can conduct eye exams any time of the year, and these are covered by medical insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

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