In helping to correct your vision, whether you have conditions like myopia or hyperopia, eyeglasses are among the initial solutions to be recommended and tried. To properly correct your eyesight, you must consult an optometrist who can give you the proper prescription, lenses and all, for your eyeglasses after an eye exam. Wearing eyeglasses might sometimes feel like a big inconvenience, and to make matters worse, a new pair could even make you feel a bit dizzy in the first few days.

Symptoms of a Wrong Glasses Prescription

Sometimes, it’s just how your eyes are adjusting to the vision brought by your new glasses. On the other hand, it might mean that you have been given a wrong prescription. Typically, your Indianapolis optometrist will give you an accurate prescription, but the possibility of receiving eyeglasses with the wrong prescription is still there. Therefore, it’s essential to know the basics about your eyeglasses prescription before you leave the clinic.

In a usual prescription, you’ll find the acronyms “OD” and “OS”, both abbreviations of the Latin terms meaning the right and the left eye, respectively. Sometimes, you’ll also see the acronyms “OU”, the abbreviation for the Latin term for both eyes. Remember to always ask for the prescription from your optometrist before you leave, and you should always stick to it.

Blurred or fuzzy images can be a sign of a wrong prescriptions. Sometimes, the error is only minor and could be deemed almost significant, but a big discrepancy can give you headaches, dizziness, vertigo, and nausea due to eye-strain. Contrary to popular belief, however, wrong eyeglass prescriptions do not cause further eye damage, yet it’s undeniably an uncomfortable and irritating experience, and could be a cause of danger, especially if you’re driving a car or operating machinery.

It is recommended for you to do simple things with your new glasses, such as readjusting them or repositioning them on your face, and moving your head rather than your eyes, to determine whether your eyes merely need adjusting, particularly if you’re wearing bifocal or multifocal glasses. If these tips did not alleviate the eye-strain you’re feeling while wearing the glasses, you were most likely given the wrong prescription. Another visit to your optometrist is called for, especially if your eyeglasses are starting to negatively affect your activities of daily living.

Eyeglasses aim to correct the wearer’s vision. While you might be tempted to visit just any store selling eyeglasses in Indianapolis, it’s always a smart decision to go visit an established eye center like Moody Eyes to have a pair of glasses that are a joy to wear.

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