Your Vision Insurance Plan

About Your Vision Insurance Benefits

We take the guesswork out of buying glasses. Vision insurance and benefit plans can be very confusing. Since 2005 we have helped thousands of patients maximize their benefits and get the eye care, eyeglasses, and contact lenses they need. Many plans have discounts for additional pairs of glasses, so why not add another style to your collection? Or that pair of prescription sunglasses you want to drive, go on vacation, or other outdoor activities?

We will conduct a thorough eye exam to determine if you have any ocular health issues that need addressed. If you need further treatment our doctors know the local ophthalmologists, neurologists, and doctors of other specialties to take great care of you.

No Vision Plan?  No Problem…Ask about our Vision Club Pricing

Do not worry if you do not have vision coverage. We have special pricing for you that is often better than many vision plans. Click here for more information.

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