The first reading glasses were invented in Pisa, Italy, when two framed glass or crystal stones were designed to be held up to the eyes using a handle in the year 1286. More than seven centuries later, eyeglasses have evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. Aside from aiding your vision, they can also modify your image, depending on how you execute your look so make sure your frame fits your look exactly.

Gone are those days when glasses were a necessity and whether you like it or not, you have to wear one. Now a days eye glasses have become a style statement, with so many varieties to choose from in terms of looks, feel etc.

What’s your shape?

According to your local Indianapolis optometrist, you need to select a frame that contradicts the shape of your face. The difference in shapes will create an interesting appearance. Size-wise, a frame shouldn’t be too large and overwhelm your features, or be too small that it looks as if it just fell on your face.

An Indianapolis Optometrist Helps you See Better with Trendy Frames

Oval shape– balanced and versatile

If your face is longer than it is wide without any sharp angles around it, then you have an oval-shaped face. This means your face can work with practically any frame. Large frames and cat-eye shaped lenses work best with oval faces.

Round shape – as beautiful as a full moon

This face shape is as long as it is wide. Using rectangular or square frames will add angles to downplay the face’s roundness. Dark-colored frames will further enhance the eyes and add to the face’s definition.

Heart shape – smiling and lovable

Heart shaped faces are wider at the top and narrow down at the bottom and have prominent cheekbones. Avoid wearing frames that are heavy at the top like aviators or tear drops which will make the lower part of your face narrower. Squarish frames will work best.

Square shape – broad and balanced

The forehead and jaw are basically the same width. Rounded or curved frames are best for square shaped faces. Make sure the frame is slim and sits high on your bridge so it elongates your face and draws attention away from the broad jawline.

Don’t be shy about asking for the opinion of Indianapolis eyeglasses experts. They can evaluate your choice or convince you to go for a new pair if needed.

(Article excerpt and image from “RIGHT PAIR OF EYEGLASSES FOR YOUR FACE SHAPE”, 16 August 2009, Real Beauty Spot)