Eyeglasses are now more popular than ever. A key feature to achieve ‘The Nerdy Look’, glasses today have become quite the fashion statement. The problem is: even with their resurgence, many who need them are still choosing not to wear them. Even more alarming is that when they are in fact worn, they’re not worn right—many eyeglass wearers wear their pair without first consulting an Indianapolis eye doctor at all.


Anyone who has shopped for glasses knows that there are ready-made options sold at pharmacies and department stores. Unfortunately, these one-size-fits-all accessories do more harm than good. Most people have different prescriptions for both eyes, and wearing eyeglasses that don’t fit exact specifications will only lead to nausea, eye strain, and even headaches.

Contact lenses have it worse. A lot of people believe that it’s okay to purchase decorative contact lenses without a prescription, but did you know that businesses that sell contact lenses without prescription are breaking the law? When it comes to contact lenses, you need to have an eye doctor evaluate your eyes and fit you with the right contact lenses because the wrong pair can cause serious eye damage. Avoid purchasing contact lenses without prescription at any cost.

Going back to the topic of eyeglasses: If a person chooses not to wear them when he needs it, he’s not functioning with the clearest vision possible, and depending on what he’s doing, he may be putting himself and others at great risk. Take for instance a driver with poor eyesight who gets behind the wheel without wearing glasses—since his ability to react while driving depends largely on how well he sees the road, he may not be able to react in time to avoid accidents and mishaps the way he might if he wore the right prescription glasses.

The Vision Council of America states that almost 75 percent of adults use some type of vision correction device, with 11 percent choosing to wear contact lenses and the remaining 64 percent opting to wear eyeglasses. With so many people in need of vision correction, it’s good to know that you’re not alone and that there’s no need to be afraid about having your eyes checked by an Indianapolis opthamologist to obtain your prescription glasses or lenses.

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