Prescription eyeglasses recommended by a qualified Indianapolis optometrist aid people with a variety of vision problems. While eyeglasses are typically used for correcting different vision distances, there are glasses with lens enhancements, such as protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, reducing light reflection off their glasses, and even those that change into sunglasses when worn outdoors.

Indianapolis Eyeglasses Patient’s Lifestyle and Proper Care Measures

Nowadays, eyeglasses have become part of a person’s lifestyle such that they wear it at home, at work, while driving, and when engaging in physical activities. Hence, finding the perfect eyewear for your lifestyle is vital.

Eyeglasses for Different Lifestyles

For the technology-savvy people who spend long hours in front of computers or other electronic devices, having an anti-glare coating on your lenses is important, as this reduces the amount of light emitted from the device that enters the eye. In addition, it reduces risks of eyestrain, fatigue, and occurrence of migraine as well.

For people who are physically active due to their work or chosen hobby, as well as athletes with vision problems, having two pairs of eyeglasses—one for normal tasks and the other designed for sports—is recommended. Optometrists and their staff opticians can help find eyeglass frames with an optimum fit to avoid certain accidents.

For those who spend most of their time outdoors, they should be cautious of the sun’s rays, not only for its possible damage on the skin, but for their eyes as well. Indianapolis eyeglasses from shops like Moody Eyes allow customization through addition of specially designed lenses that protect the eyes from UV rays without risking their prescription.

Proper Lens Care

Taking care of your eyes doesn’t stop with wearing prescription glasses. Commit to regular, proper care and maintenance of your glasses, too. Clean the lenses by using warm and soapy water while gently rubbing them with fingers, and then pat dry with a clean, soft cloth . Indianapolis optometrists have cleaning solutions and cloths designed to avoid damage to your lenses.

Some people also have the habit of wearing their glasses on their head when not in use; doing so can lead to misalignment, thereby affecting how the wearer sees through the lenses. Other maintenance measures include setting glasses with frame-side down to avoid scratching the lenses, keeping them away from cosmetic products containing harsh chemicals, and not leaving them under direct heat.

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