Thanks to contact lenses, those with less than perfect vision can pursue their passions with greater freedom. However, many people who have worn contact lenses are known to commit some lapses when it comes to eye care, which leaves them vulnerable to serious eye infections. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately one million eye infection cases get reported annually in the U.S. alone due to poor contact lens maintenance.


The agency estimated that Americans made an estimated 930,000 visits to doctor’s offices and outpatient clinics and 58,000 emergency room visits each year because of eye infections.

Keratitis: The Main Culprit

When an Indiana contact lens user fails to practice proper contact lens care, he or she runs the risk of sustaining keratitis. This infection happens when germs manage to get into the cornea or the dome-shaped part of the eye that shields the iris. Keratitis is a likely outcome when contact lenses are worn for long periods, or when the lenses are not properly stored and handled. Once infected, a person usually experiences inflammation of the eyes. If left untreated, keratitis can lead to partial or even total blindness.


As such, Indianapolis eye doctors insist that those who wear contact lenses observe proper contact lens care in order to mitigate the chances of incurring keratitis. Proper care includes washing one’s hands thoroughly with soap and water and drying them before handling the lenses, as well as taking them out before going to bed or engaging in watersports (even when taking a shower, apparently).

When handling lenses, users should immerse and rub them meticulously each time after use. The contact lens case should also be rinsed and dried with a clean piece of cloth or tissue thoroughly to prevent germs from breeding. It is also advisable to have contact lenses changed every three months.

That being said, it helps to have the eyes checked by professional eye doctors in Indianapolis such as the ones from Moody Eyes. These doctors can determine if a patient shows signs of keratitis, as well as suggest ways to prevent such infections from happening.

Of all the five senses, eyesight is easily the most precious as it cannot easily be restored. For this reasons, contact lens users should be vigilant with proper care of their eyes.

(Source: Contact-lens care lapses linked to eye infections, CBC, November 13, 2014)