Forget every negative stereotype associated with wearing eyeglasses. Times have changed, and eyeglasses have come into their own as a genuine fashion accessory. They can certainly enhance your image, depending on how you execute your look so make sure you heed Angela’s advice from her blog Youlookfab:

Specs are the first thing that people see when they look at your face. They have the power to make an instantly fab or drab impression no matter what you’re wearing.

Stop in one shop

Get an eye exam from establishments like Moody Eyes to determine your how powerful your lenses will have to be. After choosing your frame from their extensive line of brands and styles, professional Indianapolis eye doctors will craft your eyeglasses while you wait, ensuring you get everything in one go.

Indianapolis Eye Doctors Help you See and Look Better in Fancy Frames


In selecting a new pair of specs, make sure you know what you’re building your look around. Everything from your skin tone to eye color to facial features matters.

Match the scale of the frames with your facial proportions: Bold, oversized frames are dramatic and fabulous, but that doesn’t mean they will work for you. A small person with dainty facial features is overwhelmed in thick, chunky frames.

Choose a color that complements your skin tone and eye colour: The operative word is “complement”, not “match”…Eyewear does not have to match what you’re wearing, but rather go with everything because it compliments your face, not your clothes. You don’t change your face to match an outfit – it’s the same with eyewear.

Bring a friend

Your BFF will do more than any mirror could, and that’s giving a brutally honest opinion (in your best interest). This can definitely make your decision process easier and faster. Just make sure that he/she has the fashion savvy you would like to emulate. Eye doctors in Indianapolis optical shops will be more than willing to give their two cents if you’re still unsure.

Always have a spare

Here’s your legitimate reason to stock up on more than one pair of specs. We all lose our favorite pair at one time or another, so it’s probably a good idea to have an extra pair available so you won’t have to stumble half-blindly to the optical shop. If you can afford it, indulge in eyeglasses to match various outfits. Either way, when the specs go on, everybody will see the difference in you.

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