Indianapolis, Indiana (July 1, 2014) – Prominent Indianapolis eye doctors group Moody Eyes is happy to commemorate Dr. Amy Cardis’ one-year anniversary with the company. The noted doctor joined the group after she graduated from the Indiana University School of Optometry in 2013.

Dr. Amy Cardis was first fascinated with optometry and vision care when she got her first prescription glasses by age 6. She experienced changing lens prescriptions during her teen years until her mid-twenties. This led her to become more interested in helping others to see more clearly and improve their lives. She underwent comprehensive and innovative eye health education at the Indiana University School of Optometry before doing clinical rounds at Eye Surgeons of Indiana and the Indianapolis Eye Care Center.

Together with Dr. Cardis’ dedication to help patients see better, Moody Eyes strives to treat visual problems and manage them through regular eye examinations and recommended prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses. The optometry group has several examination rooms to accommodate patients, and a special instrumentation to better analyze and diagnose condition and risks of each patient’s eyes and visual system. The Indianapolis eye doctors group provides medical eye care, including diagnosis and treatment for dry eyes , glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and pink eye.

In addition to eye examinations, Moody Eyes has a great selection of frames and lenses customized to fit each patient’s needs. They have a wide choice of eyeglasses and can help customers pick the one that looks great on them and that captures their own personal style. They can coat your lenses with non-glare anti-reflective treatment. For more information about the company’s products and services, visit our website at today.

About Moody Eyes
Founded in 2005, Moody Eyes strives to provide efficient and reliable care given by dependable eye doctors around Indianapolis and the surrounding communities. The group’s eye doctors utilize state-of-the-art equipment to learn more about the health of their patients’ eyes. The optometry group has two convenient locations strategically placed to serve the Indianapolis area.