Choosing the right pair of eyeglass frames shouldn’t exclusively be about comfort and usability. Since you’ll likely be wearing your eyeglasses in the long term, you need to ensure that the frames you purchase from an Indianapolis eye care center complement your face shape well. Everyone’s face is shaped differently, and you should let yours dictate the type and style of glasses that will suit you best.



Full cheeks and a rounded chin epitomize the round face shape. Thus, a frame design that makes the face look longer and narrower is required. Round frames with small lenses only serve to accentuate a round face, so avoid these. Go instead for angular, rectangular frames with a contrasting bridge. The angular frames will elongate the face while the bridge will put some perceived distance between the eyes.


A square face shape is typically characterized by a broad forehead and a very prominent jaw line. Contrary to the round shape, the goal here is to soften the face shape’s sharp angles and make it look longer. Oval and rectangular frames with narrower slits and rounded edges are useful for achieving this. Such frames can effectively lengthen the face and soften a strong, solid jaw.


A regular heart-shaped face is defined by a wide forehead that tapers down to a slender, rounded chin. The ideal frame will put balance into the overall look of the face and minimize the broad width of the face’s upper portion. Aviator-themed glasses help achieve this because of the way they flare out at the bottom. Rimless styles are also acceptable, as these place greater emphasis on the lower part of the face.


Oval face shapes generally go well with most frame shapes and styles because of its inherently balanced proportions. That said, frames that are thicker or darker on the top than the bottom will fit this face shape nicely.

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