How much should you pay for new glasses?


People often ask me, “How much should you pay for new glasses?” After all, most people only have one pair (that’s another story) so they want to purchase a quality pair of glasses without breaking their budget.

What about the discounts at national chains? Is this a good deal?

You may have seen the “2 Pairs for $78” ads around town…but their average sale is over $350. You could go to a warehouse club store because their frames are promoted as cheaper. Yet, when you add the lenses you need, especially with options, you run the price right up.

Won’t I save money if I buy my glasses online?

Buying glasses online can be deceiving. You do not really get a chance to try them on unless you have the frames shipped to you. Then you have to send the ones you do not buy back. There are some aspects of fitting a pair of glasses that requires experience and skill. You will not receive this individual care from an online eyeglass store.

Looking Deeper at Glasses Discounts

If you look deeper into these prices you will find the following:

  • The average sale at the “discount” optical stores was not much different than buying a good pair of glasses from an independent optometrist.
  • At nearly every “Big Eyeglass Sale” the final price was very close to the “normal” price.
  • The price will depend on which brands of frames and lenses were chosen.

How much should you pay for new glasses?

In the end the advertised “sale” prices and the regular prices were about the same on similar brands and lenses. Next time you are shopping for eyeglasses consider looking at an independent optometrist, like Moody Eyes. You will probably spend less than you think and will get the personal care you want your eyes to receive.

At Moody Eyes we have glasses from $129 – $249 complete…with lenses, scratch protection, and AR non-glare treatment.