“Four eyes” is an unfortunate classic. It’s been heard by countless children throughout the years and across schools in the country, but its sting is still as potent as ever. Fear of being bullied in school and being teased by their peers is a factor in why many children may be reluctant to wear glasses, but as parents, beware: giving in and not taking them to an optometrist to get fitted is never a good choice for their eye health. In a BBC article, Claudia Hammond expounds on this matter:

Does wearing glasses weaken your eyesight

The benefits of wearing glasses if you’re a child who needs them, are clear. Children’s eyes need to learn to see, so if they don’t have the right glasses they can develop so-called “lazy-eye” or amblyopia because they’ve never had a sharp image on their retina. The correct prescription has also been shown to improve your reading speed and reduce the risk of developing a squint.

Undoubtedly, wearing glasses is beneficial for kids with vision problems. However, you also need to consider their feelings and perspective when it comes to purchasing eyeglasses from Indianapolis optometrists. Fitting in and being accepted by their friends and classmates is very important for many children, so factor this in when you’re choosing corrective eyewear for your little ones.

Today’s glasses come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and shapes. Some are even capable of changing colors depending on available light, and these features can help build your child’s confidence especially when they’re wearing glasses for the first time. Allow them to browse through different selections and give them the freedom to choose something they really like.

Going to a skilled Indianapolis optometrist is clearly important in detecting and fixing children’s vision problems. Establishments such as Moody Eyes even offer eye exams for children as young as three years old. This evaluation includes checking for eye teaming, headaches, focusing problems, and eyestrain. With the help of eye specialists, you can finally determine what your child’s vision needs. Afterwards, let them have fun choosing colors and designs; even “four eyes” will lose its power when they’re wearing something they absolutely love.

(Source: Does wearing glasses weaken your eyesight?, BBC)