History does tend to repeat itself sometimes. Trends in fashion come and go but for classics, they are timeless. Not everyone can pull off a successful Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) impression, but vintage has and always will have its place in our culture. This acquired taste for vintage is also applicable for eyewear, as an article from Postbulletin.com reports:

Antiques And Collectibles

The 20th century was the turning point in eyewear design, with the changing manufacturing techniques, the development of innovative materials, and the emergence of the entertainment industry. Spectacles, which had previously been classed as purely functional, were transformed into an ultra-chic fashion accessory with shapes such as the Aviator and Ray-Ban Wayfarers for sunglasses.

These days, since so many of us spend more time in front of the computer screen, the demand for reading glasses is not just for the middle-aged, it is the 30 on up age group and glasses designers have picked up on this, too. These are not your grandmother’s glasses anymore — though some young folks like to use their grandparents’ frames and put their prescriptions into them.

The use of eyeglasses nowadays is a combination of both function and fashion. Many collectors with a taste for vintage could acquire old frames and have the original lenses replaced with new prescription ones. Or they could get an entirely new one with a vintage design.

Finding the right eyeglasses in Indianapolis is undoubtedly important for one’s visual health. However, it being a fashion accessory need not be neglected, too. The lenses of the spectacles to be used needs an optometrists’ prescription and diagnosis based on your eye exam, though, especially for those who need graded lenses. An optometrist should also examine your eyes for possible problems before recommending you eyeglasses or contacts, depending on his findings.

There are optometrists in Indianapolis, such as those from Moody Eyes, who can provide this service to those who need clearer vision. Wearing the right lenses and finding a frame that would fittingly represent one’s individuality are indeed a duality that can exist when it comes to maintaining proper eye care.

(Source: Antiques & Collectibles: Vintage spectacles have become hot collectibles, Post Bulletin, July 25, 2014)