Even celebrities with eye problems take steps to inform the people of their plight and what they’re doing about their ailment. Stephanie Webber of Us Weekly reports on one eye disorder affecting one of the world’s music and social icons:

Bono rarely steps out without wearing his trademark sunglasses, but the reason he goes dark has nothing to do with fashion. The U2 frontman recently revealed that he wears glasses (even inside) because he suffers from glaucoma.

“This is a good place to explain to people that I’ve had glaucoma for the last 20 years,” the 54-year-old explained during a recording for the Graham Norton Show, when asked if he ever takes his shades off.

Indianapolis residents may have to take heed about being potentially afflicted with glaucoma. A study by Prevent Blindness America revealed glaucoma cases in Indiana topping 53,275 cases among the 2.98-million strong population – a prevalence rate of 1.78%.

Finding Ways for Glaucoma Treatment with Eye Care in Indianapolis

The World Health Organization also states that glaucoma is the precursor of up to 12% of all blindness cases worldwide. If you are worried about impaired vision due to glaucoma, consider booking consultation and treatment with experts at eye care in Indianapolis, like the team at Moody Eyes.

If you’ve followed any medical condition on someone who’s important to you, you may be compelled to learn more about the disorder in case it also affects you one day. Glaucoma is a buildup of the eye’s lubricating fluid that it also triggers pressure on the optic nerve. The pressure increases the eye’s sensitivity to light – in Bono’s case, he can still see the aftereffect of a camera flash all day long if someone took a picture with flash directed at him.

In the Graham Norton interview, the U2 members were shown pictures from their early years and Bono’s admission came during the segment. The singer said he originally dismissed the possibility of an eye exam discovering anything untoward as he already has 20/20 vision. However, glaucoma diagnosis was established when Bono’s eye doctor asked him if he was seeing anything strange involving rings around light sources or steam-like distortions.

A thorough Indianapolis eye exam can reveal the overall condition of your eyes and detect any signs of glaucoma. The data will then form the basis of a treatment program involving eyewear, laser surgery, and eye drops. Bono already has an extensive collection of shades to aid his vision and puts on a pair at the start of the day.

While some eye experts agree that any glaucoma damage to the optic nerve itself is permanent, it’s never too late to take care of your vision. A caring optometrist like Dr. Penn Moody will address your concerns.

(Source: Bono Reveals The Real Reason He Always Wears Sunglasses: I Have Glaucoma, Us Weekly, October 18, 2014)