Nothing can make one feel and look more erudite and dashing than a pair of stylish eyeglasses. However, just like any other instrument, your glasses are also subject to the wear and tear of everyday use, and other factors that might cause them to chip or break. Indianapolis eyeglass wearers should always be mindful of their lenses, and provide them with proper care to optimize their use.

According to a post in, while taking care of eyeglasses should come as second-nature to those who have been wearing them for a long time, even long-time users are still susceptible to mistakes.


Choosing a Case

For instance, prescription glasses should not be stored in soft, fragile cases, where they can easily get damaged. Quality eyeglasses in Indianapolis are investments that need to be protected. To avoid costly repairs or replacements, always store your eyeglasses in a solid, hard case when not in use.

Cleaning Your Glasses

Most prescription glasses often have specialized coating that are sensitive to certain liquids. Using soapy, lukewarm water is preferable to buff out unwanted smudges and blotches that cannot be removed with a clean piece of cloth. Speaking of which, some eyeglass suppliers sell ultra-fine microfiber lens cleaning cloths that trap dirt and dust. Consider using these instead of just any cloth in wiping smudges off, as the latter might leave scratches on the lenses.

Proper eyeglass use

Unless you’re wearing specialized goggles, it is not advisable to wear your prescription glasses when engaging in sports or other physical activities. When playing any of the ball sports, an errant baseball, volleyball, football, or basketball can break your glasses instantly. Also, perspiration can fog up the lenses, and make the bridge of your nose slippery, increasing the chances of your glasses falling off your face.

That said, it would best to have the right kind of glasses for specialized uses, including sports or those that may be called for in your job. Consult an experienced optometrist in Indianapolis like Dr. Penn Moody, OD who can prescribe the kind of glasses that would be most appropriate for your lifestyle and/or intended use. You can also ask eye care experts about other ways to protect your eyeglasses, such as using non-slip rubber on the nose pads; or other concerns, such as the feasibility of wearing contact lenses when engaging in an intense sport.

Your glasses are like your second pair of eyes, so you need to take care of them to avoid vision problems that could have significant effects in your daily routine.

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