More people are spending more time not only on their computers, but also on their smartphones and tablets, putting them more at risk of developing digital eyestrain. According to a recent report from the Vision Council, over a third of millennials are suffering from eye strain brought by staring too long at screens, which can consequently turn into more serious vision problems.

It’s unavoidable for some to stare at their computer and phone screens, especially if it’s part of their job, but this should not be an excuse to ignore eye health. Digital eyestrain has been a growing concern among medical experts, especially since it can make them more at risk of suffering from macular degeneration, a condition that currently afflicts over 10 million Americans. To lessen your risk of vision problems, blend regular visits to eye doctors with an eye-healthy diet full of nutrients that can aid in improving your eye health.

Foods Rich in Omega 3 and Carotenoids

Omega 3 nutrients have often been associated with the improvement of one’s cardiovascular health, for it plays a key role in maintaining a normal blood pressure. Yet one of the little-known effects of omega 3 fatty acids is that it also has a major role in the function and structure of the sensory retina. Docosahexaenic acid, one of the key omega 3 fatty acids, not only helps in the development of normal vision among infants, but also aids in maintaining eye health among aging people.

Carotenoids like zeaxanthin and lutein, on the other hand, are essential pigments found in the eye’s macula that prevents the cells from damage caused by harmful blue light and oxidative stress. Without them, you’re more prone to acquiring macular degeneration; stocking up on brightly colored fruits and green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, peas, and broccoli are found to slow down the progression of age-related conditions.

Eye-Healthy Food Combinations

If you’re after a more interesting, eye-healthy diet, you may opt to follow recipes laid out by medical expert Johanna Seddon and cookbook author Jennifer Trainer Thompson in their new cookbook, “Eat Right For Your Sight”. These recipes combine and chemically-analyze food combinations to ensure that everyone gets their share of eye-healthy nutrients. Among the food combinations they suggest include lentils and red pepper, avocado and grapefruit, broccoli, and pine nuts.

For optimal results, don’t forget to set up regular appointments with eye doctors like those from Moody Eyes in Indianapolis, particularly if you find that you’re spending more time staring at screens.


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