Eye Care Designed for You

I have now reached my late 60’s. My body is telling me I cannot continue to work at the pace I have in the past.  While I will continue to see patients on a regular schedule, I needed to ponder the next phase for Moody Eyes:

  1. How do I develop a team to provide our patients with the great eye care and personal touch they have come to expect from me?
  2. How do I communicate this to you in such a way that you will continue to come to us for your eye care, glasses, and contact lenses?

So I went to Our Core Beliefs…

An Exceptional Eye Care Experience for Every Patient

Exceptional eye care always starts with people. I have recruited top notch optometrists who are personable, skilled, and ready to take care of your precious gift of sight. I am happy to have Dr. Lambert, Dr. Swift, and Dr. Hudak (Click Here for Info on Our Doctors). Then I put together a great group of friendly, caring, and talented staff. I would trust my vision to this group without hesitation…and you can, too.

An Enjoyable and Inspiring Environment

I wanted an office environment you will love to visit again and again…

  • Frames laid out on tables so it is easy for you try them on.
  • Jazz music playing in the background with a pleasant scent in the air.
  • Lighting that gives you an “at home” feeling.

Updated Pricing that Saves You Money

We developed our “Deli” pricing model…

  • Choose a frame

    • We carry independent frame lines that give you amazing designs with top quality construction starting at just $55.
    • No frame is more than $275, including our European brands
  • Choose a lens

    • Typically, your doctor will prescribe the lenses that are best for you, but we have all the lens styles you will need.
    • Our lenses include the most common features that you will pay extra for at most optical stores…
      • Higher Index – for a thinner lens with clearer optics
      • Hard Coat – to help reduce lens scratches
      • AR Non-Glare – to reduce glare from lights, screens, etc.
  • Choose your lens options

    • Retina Shield – to block the blue light from monitors
    • Transitions® – lenses that change with sunlight
    • Polarized – prescription sunglasses you will love to wear

As an added benefit, our glasses have a 1-year warranty included so you do not have to worry in case of an accident.

I am proud of what Moody Eyes has become…the first choice for eye care in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, and the surrounding area.

Why don’t you schedule your next eye exam now? Or, just stop by to meet our staff and see what we’ve done. I believe you are going to love what you find.

Dr. Moody

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