Last May, a new service was launched that allows people to have their eyes tested in the comfort of their own homes. Blink, the name of the service, is being dubbed as the Uber for opticians, and was developed by the Camera Culture group at MIT’s Media Lab and its Somerville offshoot, EyeNetra.

How it Works

Blink schedules appointments with clients seven days a week within 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Once an appointment is set, the service will come to a patient’s home and perform a vision test using portable diagnostic devices for approximately 20 minutes. The tests cost $75 and are administered by a “visioneer”,not an optometrist. Visioneers are background-checked and trained to collect the necessary information from patients and provide good customer service. They are not authorized to provide eye treatment and advice.

Not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam

Blink is the first to admit, however, that the test is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. In fact, the company will refer a client to an eye care professional based on the results. “At no point is any patient led to believe that Blink testing is a comprehensive exam, and in fact, we advocate strongly for full eye exams with an optometrist,” says Adam Deutscher, OD, a Blink partner optometrist. Given that the service doesn’t fully cover the entire scope of eye health, it’s important to avoid solely relying on this method.

A handy first step

A vision test can give you a reasonable chance of catching a visual problem early on. However, there’s not much it can offer after that. Remember, such screenings are primarily used to detect problems and not actually diagnose them. As an essential, complicated part of the human body, it is important to have your eyes checked thoroughly to ensure proper health. A comprehensive eye exam performed by an Indianapolis eye doctor can cover anything that a simple vision test could and couldn’t find.

Comprehensive eye exams in Indianapolis

A complete eye exam is an important aspect of proper eye health. Ignoring your eye problems won’t make it disappear, so it’s best to catch it as early as possible through quality and comprehensive eye exams provided by a trusted optometrist like Dr. Penn Moody of Moody Eyes. Should they find something more grave or severe, then you can count on them to refer you to an ophthalmologist for further medical assistance.


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